The outline of an attached file removal filter (w-filter)

This program is an attached file removal filter. It is an awk script.

This program referred to a-filter . It is from a scratch so that I want.
a-filter only deleted the contents of an attached file (filtering), and the attached file itself created the script which newly carries out full deletion of the attached file since it remains, and is set only to plain text.

TODO: It cannot respond to mail instead of appending which sends the binary file itself. (Context-Type: of a header They are binaries other than multipart)

w-filter Ver1.02en (2004-Feb-18)

Notes : The author takes no responsibility about the result which used the above-mentioned program.

Development environment


Updating history

2002May30 : It finishes writing from a scratch. (Ver 1.0)
2002Jun06 : This (Japanese) page creation.
2002Jun20 : It is a "Content-Type:" header Not simple deletion , It changes so that it may replace with "Content-Type : text/plain; charset=ISO-2022-JP". (Ver 1.01)
2003May07 : It changes so that a "Disposition-Notification-To:" header may be deleted. (Ver 1.02)
2004Feb17 : This English page creation.
2004Feb18 : a charset in "Content-Type:" Header change to "US-ASCII" from "ISO-2022-JP". (Ver 1.02en)

Link collection

a download report and a bug -- a report, a request, etc. w-filter@gomibako.com